These BFFs got fit together while living 1000km apart


“We just had to get creative—and it totally changed my approach to fitness.”

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Best friends Amanda and Jenna both wanted to get in shape for their respective weddings, so they decided to get fit together. Only problem, Amanda lived in New York City and Jenna lived in Ohio – yep that’s a cool 1000k apart. But what they did next will convince you that your BFF leaving town wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

Writing a piece for Women’s Health US, Amanda says “As it turns out, the distance between us was no match for our BFF power combined with our common goal. We just had to get creative—and it totally changed my approach to fitness.”

To kickstart their exercise routine, the pair found workouts they actually wanted to do by using YouTube and Instagram to get ideas.

“We would (and still do) send each other links to workouts that we wanted to try and report back via text,” Amanda wrote.

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“Once I got a notification on my Apple Watch that Jenna had burned 400 calories from that circuit we saw on Insta, I was so much more likely to get in the gym and go for it.”

They then keep each other accountable via Google Docs. Genius!

“We created six strength-training workouts based on our favourite moves we had learned for each muscle group—shoulders, chest and triceps, back and biceps, abs, and two leg days—and made it our goal to complete all six (plus three cardio sessions!) within a 10-day span.

“When we completed a workout, we marked it on the Doc with an oh-so-satisfying green checkmark emoji.”

Amanda exampled this approached worked as it gave her the flexibility to workout when she wanted but to also get the encouragement and support to stay motivated. They also used fitness apps like BodySpace app and MyFitnessPal to share workouts, record progress and track each other’s calorie intake.

“We’ve both lost a few pounds and gotten stronger. But the best part of being long-distance workout buddies is that it’s brought us closer.”

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